• Beach 
is closed between 9pm and 7am. (Exception licensed fisherman).
: The Kern River can be a swift and dangerous river. We DO NOT have a lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk. Please make sure to take all safety precautions necessary. Children and novice swimmers must be supervised AT ALL TIMES!
  • We 
reserve the right to close the beach at any time to implement permits and/or restrictions and decrease the presence of social gathering.
  • EZ
 UPS: Each campsite is allowed one (1) EZ UP on the beach depending upon availability. EZ Ups may not be erected in the river. EZ UPs are to be removed nightly when beach closes. Any equipment remaining on the beach after hours will be removed and taken to lost and found. Camp Kernville is not responsible for any damage or loss to equipment not removed timely by guest. In the event of windy conditions, we require you collapse the EZ UP for safety. Failure to comply may result in removal from the park.
  • Ropes
 and the like may NOT be tied from our shore and strung across the river. The Kern River is a navigable river and must remain free of any and all encumberances.
  • Fires 
are NOT permitted on the beach at any time.
  • Glass 
of any kind is NOT permitted on the beach. All cigarette butts must be extinguished and discarded of in trash receptacles.
  • Please 
do not expose your neighbors to excessive or offensive noise at any time. Music with profanity and/or explicit lyrics is strictly prohibited.
                                 *Beginning January of 2024, we will no longer allow dogs or smoking/vaping on the beach.