Beach Permits are required in an effort to follow social distancing and gathering guidelines.
Face coverings (per Governor Newsom) have been suggested during times of high-risk interaction.  Please read our Policies and Procedures for more specific information.

1. Register at the Office Check In Window:
Friday & Saturday: 7:15-7:30am;
Sunday - Thursday: 8:30-8:45am

2. Beach Permit Sites are limited and available on a first-come first-served basis.

-Preference is given to those who did not receive a beach permit the day before.
-Should beach permits still be available after preferred registration,
the remaining sites will be backfilled in order of guest(s) on the wait list.
-Names for wait list are taken at above registration times. 
-Guest(s) on the wait list will be notified after 10:30am.

3. 1 Beach Permit/Camp Site
-Registered guest must present valid ID to register.
-Guests may not send others up to register for their permit.
-Groups are limited to #1 cabana / #2 campsites.

4. Beach permits are valid between 8am and 8pm.
-EZups/Umbrellas/Chairs must be erected by 10am or the current permit
will be voided and the site repermitted to next guest on wait list.
-If site is vacated for 2 hours, it will be released back to Camp Kernville
and repermitted to next guest on the wait list.

5.  EZups must be taken down by 8pm.


1. Beach is open for licensed fisherman.

2. Just to the north of the 'steps' is a swimming area.

If you did not receive a beach permit, you may utilize this swim area.
Beach chairs, beach towels (for sitting or laying out), umbrellas, etc are not allowed.

3. Socially distance 6' apart from others.

4. No social gathering of groups larger than 10.

5. Permit required for beach sites.


1. Register for beach site (see above for details)

2. Each site is 10' X 10' 

There are designated walkways between sites for pedestrian traffic.
*No more than 10 people on the site

3. Beach permits are valid between 8am and 8pm.

4. Ezups/umbrellas/chairs must be put up by 10am.
Permit will be voided and the site repermitted to another guest if not utilized by this time.

5. Guest(s) must contain their beach equipment (chairs, towels, etc) within the limits of their beach site.

6.  Guests are not allowed to move site markers or move 2 sites together.

6. Should guest(s) not obey the rules, he will receive one warning.
If the guest(s) should continue to not obey, he will be asked to leave the beach area
and will forfeit beach privileges for the remainder of your stay.