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Tenant News 2023

2.15.2023 Updated Contact and Payee Information

2.15.2023 Notification of Paperless Billing

2.22.2023 Public Safety Customer Services Provided By SCE

5.1.2023 SCE CCC (Spring/Summer)

5.8.2023 Notification of Continued Edison Outages

6.10.2023 Cal Water 2022 Annual Water Quality Report Notice

8.14.2023 Public Safety Customer Services Provided by SCE

9.14.2023 SCE CCC (Fall/Winter)

9.27.2023 SCE: Wildfire season is here.  Are you Prepared?
Have you prepared for a PSPS outage?  Although we use Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) as a last resort measure to keep our communities safe, it's important for you and your family to be prepared for an outage in case dangerous wildfire weather conditions require us to turn off the power in your neighborhood.  Is your contact information correct, and are you signed up to receive outage alerts and notifications?  Do you have a backup battery or portable generator to power household or medical devices? Is your emergency kit stocked with essential items that might be needed during an outage?
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